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We utilize our knowledge to help build market-leading companies from scratch. We know what is needed to get the best out of your idea, and we leverage patience, insight and empathy to do it.

Create Possibilities

We have been advisors, consultants, mentors and founders. We partner with gifted entrepreneurs and connect them with our network, that is as wide as our experience.


From scratch to scale, we ensure our companies ascend with the right velocity. We help you create value prudently and dynamically.

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About Us

Silver Surfer Ventures is a boutique investment firm that incubates and strategically invests in business ideas that are strikingly significant. We work closely with high performing entrepreneurs and pioneers of the new-age economy in their quest to excel.

We are proud to be associated with India’s leading angel networks – Huddle and Faad Network.

Why us

With years of experience in the startup and finance world, our core team is made of serial tech entrepreneurs and financial experts who have started and successfully exited ventures.

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs who start technology-enabled, category-defining ventures. Our purpose lies in supporting cutting-edge, technology-first start-ups through smart capital advisory and funding.

Every transaction is personally managed from start to finish by an experienced team with specific sector experience and a deep commitment to the success of each start-up we associate with.


For Investors

Silver Surfer Ventures is open to opportunities within a collaborative investment model, through pooling of resources, assets and ideas to support entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as tap into diverse sectors and geographies.

SAJAT JAIN Managing Partner



Silver Surfer Ventures is the venture firm for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

SAJAT JAIN Managing Partner

SAJAT JAIN, Managing Partner

Sajat provides strategic direction, executive level decision making and overall management guidance to SSV. He has over 11 years of expertise in launching and managing multiple products, leading teams across verticals and putting processes in place for bringing autonomy. His strengths lie in conceptualising, rapidly prototyping and productising ideas.

As a serial entrepreneur, Sajat has invaluable experience, deep understanding and knowledge of making new businesses successful. Along with SSV, he’s currently the co-founder of LaunchPod Labs as well, wherein he helps startups and enterprises in building successful MVPs. He’s also co-founder of a Pan Asian delivery kitchen by the name of House of Wok. He has previously built and fundraised HealthScion and cloudchowk, both within the health-tech space.

He is an alumnus of Purdue University, USA and Modern School, New Delhi.

Start Up Funding

The most important things we consider when looking at an investment

  • An experienced full-time management team including at least a Founder / CEO. Having co-founders is even better.
  • Business developed beyond the concept stage – proof of concept complete or nearly complete.
  • Clearly differentiated value proposition.
  • Capital-light (asset-light) scaling model (does not require purchasing real-estate or other expensive assets).
  • Strategies to build effective distribution and marketing programs.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
In most cases, NO. A certain level of initial execution to demonstrate market demand and the entrepreneur’s commitment are required. We like to invest in ventures with a strong tech spine that have had some degree of customer validation – product in the market, paying customers etc.
While the structure is flexible, simple, low-cost approaches are preferential. A standardized set of terms has been put in place, designed to be fair to the venture and the entrepreneur, with reasonable protections for early-stage investors and a friendly outlook towards future investors.
Once an investment term sheet has been agreed upon, the endeavor is to complete due diligence and close investment documentation within 30 days.
The faster we understand your business, the faster we can move forward. This depends on the following:
  • The differentiating factor in both short and long term for your product/service offering?
  • What are the proposed achievements for the next year? e.g. key milestones, validations, expected learnings.
  • What is the business unit economics – how does your venture make money on each unit sold?
  • What are the key takeaways from competitors or similar organisations in relevant areas, in India or other developing economies? Why will you prevail over regional and national competitors?
  • What does the spending look like so far? What valuable assets have been created with money raised/earned/granted so far?
Yes. We are open to co-investing with like-minded investors.
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